Punch TV Studios CEO Joseph Collins explains what it means to become an investor.

When you invest during the IPO stage you are
more likely to create wealth for yourself!

We have removed the investment banker during the IPO so you can prosper.

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Key Thoughts for Investors:

  • Punch TV Studios has an amazing business model. The business model suggest that post the IPO the company should generate aproximately $500 to $700 million dollars in revenue. This suggest that the stock multiple should be quite substantial and investors should have a greater opportunity to on an excellent return on investment.

  • Punch TV Studios is currently seeking partners to support the vision of its Founder and CEO Joseph Collins. Despite the various challenges that currently confront the industry, television continues to maintain its hegemony as the most powerful and profitable media available to advertisers. Moreover, despite the proliferation of platforms, approximately 97.1% of American households have televisions. Additionally, opportunities for more consumer contact exist in 84.4% of households with two or more televisions. Simultaneously, multiple opportunities exist for home access to televised programming through 87.3% of homes with cell phones, 86.7% with home internet, 80.9% with personal computers, 26.3% with satellite dishes, 35% with video game systems, and 48.3% with MP3 players.

  • There is also the chance of filmmakers being able to become a shareholder in Punch TV Studios because as the company grows they also grow whether or not they make a movie or sell a script. As a shareholder that doubles up as a filmmaker, you will get preferential treatment in being able to pitch their projects and they will get priority treatment regarding funding, distribution and other resources. Punch TV Studios is selling 50 million shares of stock at $1.00 per share.

  • When the Punch TV Studios stock offering is successful we intend to fund our first one hundred films. Our company will spend up to $10 million to develop film productions with budgets up to $100,000.00

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